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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Willy Wonka Style seasons greetings from your tax refund experts!

Always wanting to add the personal touch, everyone in the office is taking their turn to put our clients' Christmas cards in envelopes and apply the stamp - no franking machines for us!!

Bettertax tax refunds specialists christmas 2012

The Bettertax dudes will be busy over the coming days as they fly around delivering the cards.

Taking a little inspiration from Emily's design, we've randomly chosen 10 lucky winners who will find a golden ticket, (well, more like a slip of paper!) inside their card.

Unlike Willy Wonka, the winners won't be required to take a tour of the Bettertax office, although visitors are always welcome! There'll be no worrying about eating the wrong gob stopper or indeed being rolled away by oompa loompas!

Our ten lucky winners will each receive £20. All you have to do to claim the cash is call the office, 01280 821020.

Good luck, everyone!

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